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Lead Lined Drywall | Lead Lined Sheetrock | Lead Walls

Lead lined sheetrock is gypsum board that is laminated with sheet lead to provide shielding from high level radiation. Lead walls are installed in diagnostic imaging rooms to provide protection from x-ray and gamma ray radiation, and are used in laboratories and industrial x-ray applications.

Lead Lined Drywall | Lead Lined Sheetrock | MarShield

Lead Drywall: also referred to as Lead-Lined Sheetrock, Gyproc, Wallboard or Lead-Lined Gypsum Board. MarShield’s drywall is laminated with sheet lead that is designed to cover necessary surfaces or walls in a room requiring radiation shielding.

Lead-Lined Drywall & Plywood Medical Construction, NELCO

More X-ray rooms in hospitals, dental offices, and chiropractic offices are laminated with a single, uniform sheet of defect-free lead from NELCO.

Lead Lined Gypsum Board | Lead Lined Sheetrock & Drywall

Mayco supplies sheet lead for the lead-lined gypsum board (drywall) in various thicknesses, depending on the levels of radiation shielding your construction calls for. Most of our lead-lined board is shipped as 5/8 inches thick, although 1/2 inch Gypsum Board is available. Call today at (800) 749-6061.

Lead Lined Sheetrock | Lead Backed DrywallRay-Bar

Shielding accessories for lead backed drywall or lead lined sheetrock installation include a 2″ wide lead batten strip for vertical joints and corners and lead discs for screw penetrations. Sheet lead backing must be equal or greater value as the lead in the wall partition where penetration occurs.

Lead Lined Gypsum Drywall Panels by Pitts Little

Lead Lined Drywall Gypsum drywall panels are pressure laminated with permanent adhesive to unpierced sheet lead and arranged to provide effective lead shielding through all joints. Gypsum board panels are secured to studs with drywall screws.


Lead Lined Drywall (otherwise known as Lead Lined Sheetrock or Lead Lined Gypsum Wallboard) and Lead Lined Plywood, Leaded X-ray Glass, Lead Lined Frames for borrowed lites and . serving the nation’s lead needs for over 50 years with a full line of radiation shielding products.

Lead Lined Gypsum Board, leaded drywall, sheetrock

Lead Lined Drywall, Gypsum Board and Plywood Pure Lead Products manufactures high quality lead lined drywall for radiation shielding applications. Pure Lead uses only Fire Rated Gypsum Board in the manufacturing of our lead lined drywall.

Lead Lined Drywall | Lead Lined Sheetrock | MarsMetal

Lead Drywall: also referred to as Lead-Lined Sheetrock, Gyproc, Wallboard or Lead-Lined Gypsum Board. MarMetal’s drywall is laminated with sheet lead that is designed to cover necessary surfaces or walls in a room requiring radiation shielding.

LeadNELCO Worldwide

Lead is almost unparalleled for its longevity, malleability, corrosion resistance, and recyclability. And NELCO makes the most of the uniquely soft, heavy, and ductile qualities of lead by utilizing it in a virtually unlimited number of applications.

USG | Ceilings, Walls, Floors, Roofing, Sheathing

Leading manufacturer of walls, ceilings, floors, sheathing and roofing products that enable customers to build the outstanding spaces where people live and do business.

Lead Backed Drywall | Lead Backed Gypsum Board

Ray-Bar’s fire-rated, 5/8″ lead lined sheetrock (type RB-LBG) is the first and original U.L. Labeled and Classified Fire Rated Lead Backed Drywall and Partition System to meet U.S. and Canadian Safety Standards for 1 hour and 2 hour fire-rated partition applications with pure lead sheet meeting Federal Specification QQ-L-201 F, Grade C and .

Lead Lined Sheetrock – installing | Industrial Hygiene in

Leaded sheetrock is what the name says, sheetrock with a lead layer. It is used in hospital x-ray rooms and other health office clinics for containing / controlling …

Lead Lined DrywallDrywallContractor Talk

 · Re: Lead Lined Drywall One thing you have to consider is that there is a difference between using lead as a solid sheet of material vs. it being in paint, gasoline, or any other substance where it is in particle form and can be inadvertently inhaled.

Lead Backed Gypsum Board, lead lined sheetrock, x-ray

Installation Lead lined gypsum board should be fastened to support studs every 12 inches horizontally & every 8 inches vertically. 2 inch lead strips should be glued on each of the support wall studs, to make sure there is overlap at all joints.

Lead Lined Plywood | MarShield Custom Radiation

Lead-lined plywood is typically recommended for heavier lead shielding requirements, usually when the lead shielding exceeds 1/8” thick. Lead-lined plywood at these thicknesses becomes very heavy to handle in full sheet form (4’ x 8’).

A&L Shielding | Lead Lined Gypsum Board | Radiation

Lead lined gypsum board is available in various lead thickness and heights. It is attached to walls using techniques designed to ensure a continuous lead sheet …

Lead Lined DrywallPage 2DrywallContractor Talk

 · About one of my first jobs (20 yrs ago) was at the va hospital.We had lead lined drywall,lead hollow core jambs and lead doors.We was working on the 3rd floor and they would only allow us to stack 6 sheets per pile because it was so heavy.

Jamestown North AmericaQuality Lead Products for Over

Jamestown North America offers world-class service by providing a variety of lead products for the construction, roofing/plumbing, medical radiation shielding and industrial radiation shielding markets.


3 quickly to seizures, coma and death from cardiorespiratory arrest. Chronic (long term) exposure: Chronic overexposure to lead may result in severe damage To blood forming. Nervous, urinary and reproductive systems.

Lead Wool, Lead T-Caps, Lead Lined Sheetrock, Lead Ballast

Every month at Nuclead we ship a large variety of lead based products such as Lead Ballast, Lead T-Caps, Lead Lined Sheetrock, and Radiation Shielding.. Here are some of the items we shipped recently to customers around the world.

Installation Lead Lined DrywallA&L Shielding

STAGING AT THE JOB SITE: Lead lined drywall is heavy and diffi cult to move without cracking the gypsum wallboard backing. It is recommended that several people handle each sheet

Lead Lined Drywall | Lone Star X-Ray Shielding, Inc.

Lead Lined Drywall. Lead lined wall systems are commonly used in radiation treatment rooms, CT and PET Scan facilities, and x-ray rooms in hospitals, clinics, dentists and chiropractor offices, and veterinary clinics.

Lead Lined Gypsum Wallboard

UltraRay Radiation Protection provides lead-lined gypsum wallboard or drywall with a variety of thicknesses, using sheet lead with 99.5% lead purity or higher. Specialty options are available , including fire-rated, mold/moisture-resistant and/or impact-resistant boards.